Wednesday, June 2, 2010

14 Months Old (And First Steps!)

My sweet Gav,

You are now 14 months old and becoming quite the little man. You have so much personality and are an absolute joy to be around. You laugh constantly and make others laugh as well. You are a very happy and caring little guy. I adore being your mommy! Here are some new things about you this month:

  • You want to explore everything. You love to touch, look at, and flip things around in your hands trying to figure out what they do.

  • You love sunglasses and really enjoy trying them on (and I think Daddy and I enjoy putting them on you just as much as you do!).

  • You still love to dance and when you hear music, you just can't control yourself because the beat takes over! You sway back and forth and sometimes even shake your little fists.
  • You have figured out how to turn light switches on and off. So, sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you stand up in your crib and flip the light on (and you are quite tickled with yourself when you do).
  • You like to "help" with cleaning by wiping things down with tissues, wipes, and paper towels.

  • You continue to be fascinated by ceiling fans and are amazed by yourself when you turn them on and off with a remote.
  • You make a funny little face where you crinkle your nose, do pouty lips, and breathe heavily. You often do this when air is blown in your face.

  • You learned how to use a fork and are so proud of yourself when you do.
  • You still love to be outside and have begun wearing your shoes while outdoors.

  • You have once again become a picky eater and clearly express your feelings about certain foods when they are offered. One of your favorite things to eat is fruit bars and will usually eat at one each day. There are also several things you strongly dislike and you make that pretty obvious.

  • Bocephus (our dog) is your buddy and lets you pull his ears, poke him, and even sit on him.

  • You absolutely love cars and want to sit in the driver's seat every chance you get.
  • And... one of the biggest milestones you have reached this month occurred on your 14-month birthday - your very first steps! You took your first steps to Daddy in our bedroom while we were painting. I immediately ran for the video camera and caught you doing it on tape several times thereafter. It was absolutely heart-warming to see your little legs in motion. You look like such a big boy walking back-and-forth to Daddy and me. We are so very proud of you! (I will post a video soon!)
We love you so very much, Gav! You bring sunshine into our lives everyday. Thank you for making parenthood such a joyful experience. XOXO

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