Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best in Show

Since Matt finally finished building his Chevelle a few months ago, we have been attending a number of car shows. Every time we go, Gavin insists on being in the driver's seat so he can furiously turn the wheel. This really gets a lot of attention. Most recently, we entered the Redlands Optimist Car Show and Gavin spent a majority of the day pretending to drive. With a beautiful car and an adorable boy in the front seat, I don't know how we didn't walk away with a prize. Gavin definitely deserved best in show, but somehow the judges must have overlooked that. Geesh.

It seemed like everyone who walked by wanted to stop and admire Gavin. Matt just loves the fact that his little boy enjoys taking part in his hobby, too. It is just the cutest thing. And of course, I had to snap a few pictures!

What is my sweet boy doing???

Grandpa's '64 Chevelle

Our '68 Chevelle

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