Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th of July

There is a nice little park at the end of our street that has been the center of a fireworks show every year as long as I can remember. As kids, we would always watch the show comfortably from our front yard. And since Matt and I have moved into my childhood home, we have continued that tradition. We don't see a reason to leave the house when we have the best fireworks view of all from our own front yard. This year was no exception. We barbecued and enjoyed time with friends and family in the afternoon until the show began. Gavin was sporting the cutest "Red, White, and Vroom" onsie. Unfortunately, I really need to work on my hostess skills because I was so busy watching Gavin and making sure everyone was having a good time that I only took pictures twice and didn't even eat! I was so bummed because I know there were some really great photo-ops, but I didn't take advantage of them. However, the fireworks show was the best I've ever seen so far (which baffled me considering the state of our economy). Unfortunately, Gavin missed most of it, as he fell asleep shortly after it began. Oh well. Next time we have a party, I am really going to make a point of trying to take more pictures.

Our friend/neighbor offered Gavin a cupcake and Gav grabbed ahold of his hand to make sure he didn't take the tasty treat away before he was done!

Gavin and Mommy

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