Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tom's Farms

As Gavin makes his way through toddlerhood, I find myself constantly looking for fun places to take him and new things to do as a family. I remember visiting a local place called Tom's Farms with my mom as a child. We would get something to eat at the restaurant and enjoy our food near the duck pond. Afterwards, we would generally visit the antique store, as my mom was an avid antique shopper.

I looked Tom's Farms up online and found that it had changed a bit since I was kid, and now includes a family fun area with a petting zoo, pony rides, a train, carousel and more. I decided that it would definitely be a great place for us to visit as a family and so ... we went!

We started by enjoying a meal at the Wine and Cheese Shop. Following our meal, we headed over to the carousel. I envisioned Gavin smiling and laughing during the ride, BUT, when I began to set him on top of the stationary horse, he was everything but smiles. I quickly decided that we would sit together on the bench seat so as not to hold up the ride. Gavin was okay with that.

"Wave to Dada"

We then headed over to the train and the three of us enjoyed a brief ride around the farm. Gavin decided that he really liked the train and had a mini episode as we tried to pry him away from it.

But his tears quickly subsided when we found the mini excavator ride. Gavin enjoyed controlling the large yellow toy and was delighted when he could make the nose move up and down.

From there, we went to the petting zoo that had the most adorable baby animals! Gavin loved feeding them from outside the fence, but once inside, he was not too fond of those greedy animals bombarding him for the feed. One little piggy lived up to his stereotype as he shoved all the other animals out of the way in order to devour nearly all of Gavin's dixie cup of food.

Is that remnants of a fudgesicle on his lips??

We then decided to head over to the pony ride. I kept my fingers crossed that my sweet boy would like the real pony more than he did the fake ones. As I started to set him on top of the adorable little horse, he let out a fuss, but then calmed down. Once the horse started to move, he began to get comfortable and really enjoyed himself. My sweet boy looked so cute on the top of the little pony! It was such a picture-perfect moment!!

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  1. Kelly, thanks for all your sweet comments on our blog! I am way behind, too! What a cool place this looks like to go and take little ones! If I even showed Reid a picture of that digger, he would want to go directly to wherever it is because he LOVES machines such as that. I get what you mean, totally, about having to pry those little fingers away from something they like! Oh, yes...been there many times. Good to see you are doing well...and love how Gavin is looking so stinking handsome as he grows. What a little heartbreaker you have! Blessings to you, Kelly!