Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

In an effort to cut expenses, the district I work for decided to have all employees work 4-10's over the summer. Since I am only an 11-month employee, this meant two weeks worth of free Fridays for me! Hooray! On that second Friday, I decided to take Gavin to feed the ducks at a park just a few blocks from our house.

They had a cute little play area for the kids with two steering wheels, two slides, and few other fun things. However, my little man was only interested in the steering wheels, of course.

When Gavin hears a dog, he makes the cutest "barking" noise while barely opening his mouth. This also makes for an exceptionally adorable facial expression, demonstrated in the picture below...

Later, after I pried him away from the steering wheels (literally!), we walked down to the pond to feed the ducks. Gavin liked looking at the ducks but decided that he didn't want to give his perfectly good bread to these strange creatures. So, after ripping the bread into pieces, I would give one to the ducks and one to Gav, one to the ducks, one to Gav, etc, etc.

On the way back, I spotted these rock pillars with cut-outs in them that would make a perfect little seat for Gavin. I immediately thought that it would make a great photo-op, so I scooped my sweet and sleepy little man out of the stroller and looked for the only spider-web/gum/bug-free pillar and set him in it--proud of my keen eye and imagining the wonderful results of this impromptu photo-shoot. Well, you know how things don't always go as planned... This was the best of the two shots I was able to get before he really freaked out. Oh, well...

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