Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Car Show, Car Show, Car Show

The Rogers' boys love car shows and I mean looooove them. If Gavin knows he gets to go to a car show with his Daddy on a Saturday, he will talk about it all week by saying, "Car show Saturday!" Then, if it's an early show and Matt has to wake Gavin up before the sun rises, Gavin will say in the groggiest little voice, "Car show!" But he will happily get up and get ready to go faster than you can say, "Are you sure you don't want to sleep in?" So, in the month of May, the two of them attended a car show on three weekend days in row (Saturday, Sunday, and the following Saturday) and they were just in hog-heaven!

The first was the Redland Optimist show that we attended last year. I couldn't go this year because I was at a baby shower. And being that Matt is not quite the camera-obsessed parent that I am, he only came home with a handful of pictures and they were all taken at the same moment. However, what he did come home with that meant even more to me was a story about an event that happened that day. He said that there happened to be real drag car at the show that day and my dad, Matt and Gavin all took some time to admire it. Gavin--being the polite little man he is--looked at the car quietly in awe and then shook the hands of all of the crew guys that were there and said, "Nice 'a meet you." Matt said the guys were so impressed with Gavin and they said he was the most polite child they had ever met at a show and offered to let him sit in the car to pose for a few pics. Gavin happily did so and they even gave him a photo of the driver of the car. He was so excited to bring it home to show me. Matt said he was such a proud Papa at that moment and I was so proud when he told me! And, to make Matt's day even better, he won two awards this year: Best Chevelle and Best Muscle Car! Hooray!

The next day, the boys attended the J & M Car Show and I was able to meet them down there. When I arrived, my poor little man was fast asleep in his stroller with his hand up his shirt. (Yes, he is still very fond of rubbing his nipples!) It was so funny! He woke up shortly thereafter and spent a few minutes polishing my Dad's car and then enjoyed some time in the driver's seat.

Gavin polishing my Dad's Chevelle

Matt's Chevelle

The following weekend was my 29th birthday. So, while the boys attended a small, local show, I enjoyed some time at home relaxing before we did a family dinner that night. I guess all the excitement from car shows wore my poor little guy out because this is what he looked like when they arrived home:

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