Tuesday, December 13, 2011

31 Months Old

My sweet boy,

I am so very behind on my blogging that you are now almost 33 months old and yet I am writing your 31 month post!  Luckily, I have been trying to keep notes on some of your cute "Gavinisms" and things you are learning and doing at particular times.  That way, I am able to continue your milestones posts.  However, I do realize that you are nearing three years old, and at that time, I plan to stop doing the monthly milestone posts and just post milestones as you achieve them.  Because I do know that it may be a little ridiculous for me to do milestone posts until you are 216 months old!  But for now, onto your 31 month post!  You continue to be such a wonderful and easy child.  You make Daddy and I so proud!  Here are some (only six this month, that's all I was able to jot down and remember!) new things about you at 31 months:
  • One night, after cuddling with you for a little bit and then tucking you into bed, I said, "Thank you for letting me cuddle with you," to which you replied, "Anytime."  It just melted my heart!
It's looks like you fill Daddy's big shoes pretty well!

  • You were squatting down on day and I told you I could see your little butt-crack and you said, "Hey, Mama!  Don't look at it!"  It was hilarious!

    • Helping Daddy with the Chevelle

       You even asked for a wrench - you already know more about cars than I do!

      Working hard
    • Your concept of time makes me laugh.  One day you said to me, "I had a sippy cup years ago."  Years ago???  You've only been alive for 2-1/2!!

    My two favorite boys
    • Your vocabulary continues to amaze everyone around you.  Whenever you go out, people make comments about how wonderful your speech is and it makes Daddy and I so proud of you!  One night, while tucking you in, you requested that I "leave the door ajar."  Ajar??  I promptly agreed, but stood in shock as I wondered just how in the world you knew that word.  I know I had used it front of you once before, but it truly amazes me how quickly you pick things up.  There are adults who don't even use that word!
    Shining the headers with Daddy

    • You love helping Daddy in the garage (as is pretty obvious from the pictures).  But you are old enough now, where you can actually help a little bit more.  It is so cute to see you out there with him!
    Cuddling with Aunt Evie
    • You constantly ask "What is this place?" when we go somewhere.  But, the funny thing is, you will also say it at home.  You always want to know exactly where you are at, I guess. 
    Shopping for sunglasses

    Such a cool dude!
    You are such a wonderful kid, Gav!  Being your mommy is the best job in the world and I am just so thankful for you every day!  Holidays will be even more fun this year because you are at the point where you will understand and appreciate them more.  I look forward to this year and all the years to come!

    I love you to pieces, Gav!

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