Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Halloween 2011

We spent Halloween in Canyon Lake again this year since we had such a wonderful time last year.  Gavin got tons of candy and lots of compliments on his costume.  I also forgot to mention that Gavin had specifically requested that I dress up as Minnie Mouse since he was going to be Mickey and how could I resist my sweet boy?  So, I found a Minnie costume online that I was willing to wear and Gavin was very happy.  Overall, it was a wonderful Halloween!

Gavin and his best bud, Kadem

Gavin and I in our costumes

Showing off his loot

Gavin had a very good Halloween!

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  1. He's the cutest Mickey Mouse I've ever seen! I'm way behing in blogging, but so glad to catch up on Gavin a little bit! He looks like a big boy now. Where did our babies go?!

    I finally updated my blog :)