Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Since I insist on posting in chronological order, I am now moving my way through Halloween, even though it is the middle of December!  So, that being said, on to our trip to the pumpkin patch.

We decided to visit Tom's Farms again this year for pumpkins.  As you may be aware from many previous posts, we really enjoy Tom's Farms because it is a cute little local spot with a pond, carousel, petting zoo, mini train, pony rides, and a few great little places to eat.  Gavin loves the rides and Matt and I adore the ambiance.  This year, we also met up with our friends, Jeremy and Lindsay and their son, Kadem, who is one of Gavin's best friends.

We all had a wonderful time and I got some adorable pictures of our two little guys.  Gavin had so much fun (as you can probably tell from the pictures).

Gavin spotted this little pumpkin right away and he knew he had to have it

As you may notice in all of the pictures, Gavin always brings a "hot rod" with
him wherever he goes (in this case it was Cars "Snot Rod")

I took a few pics with the camera flash off and they came out a bit blurry,
but they were just too adorable not to post!

Our happy little family

Gavin helped Kadem select a pumpkin

Our cute little pilgrim and Native American

The boys took a carriage ride

Mommy and Gav

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