Friday, May 22, 2009

7 Weeks Old

I am still desperately trying to get a picture of Gavin smiling, but every time I bring the camera out, he becomes fascinated by it and stops smiling to stare. However, I was able to catch the end of one of his sweet smiles in the adorable pic:

We had an appointment at Loma Linda this week to meet with the speech pathologist. She had wanted to check in with how Gavin was eating and see if we had tried the bottles. I told her that I hadn't tried them and explained my apprehension. She was very understanding and said that she and Dr. Elmendorf (the team pediatrician) would actually prefer that I breastfeed, so it was okay. However, I told her that I wanted to have the option of a bottle as a back-up, so she said she wanted to see us again the following week to work on getting him to take a bottle.

I also realized that Gavin was really growing fast. His feet no longer fit in some of his cute newborn shoes and socks. Although Gav was born at 7.98 pounds, he dropped to just 6.1 pounds when he became dehydrated. However, this week, during our visit to Loma Linda, we found out that he was already up to 10 pounds! It was very exciting to know that he was growing so quickly. Here is a cute picture of his little "big" feet:

This was also an exceptionally special week for me because I got to celebrate my very first Mother's Day! It was so wonderful to celebrate being a mom, which has proven to be the most wonderful job in the world! Gavin wore a very appropriate onsie for the special day.

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