Sunday, May 17, 2009

1 Week Old

After being released from the hospital, I thought that we could go home and begin our happy lives together. However, Gavin was very lethargic and didn't want to eat at all. He was so limp and I was so worried and scared. So the next day, on Tuesday, I had scheduled an appointment with a lactation specialist at Loving Support. My mom went with me and the lactation consultant was concerned about Gavin's lethargy and sent us directly to Dr. Shafai. Once there, the doctor determined that Gavin was dehydrated and wanted us to go directly to the hospital. So once again, we were readmitted, but this time to a different hospital, which proved to be much better! The nursing staff was wonderful and treated Gavin with love. I was sad to be back in the hospital again, but I wanted Gavin to be healthy more than anything.

Unfortunately, Matt needed to return to work, so he couldn't stay with me. However, my mom stayed with me in the hospital from morning until Matt got there after work. And I am so glad she did! I needed the love and support. Luckily, while we in the hospital, I was introduced to the most amazing lactation consultant ever. She was the only one to get Gavin to latch on. When he did, I cried tears of joy. It was so wonderful to finally know he was getting the nourishment he so desperately needed. Without her, I know he would not have latched on, and I am so grateful. Once the doctor determined that I was feeding Gavin regularly, he released us. We finally got to go home for good on Thursday, 11 days after Gavin's birth day, and it was such a relief to be home!

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